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Egg Salad


Boil up a bunch of eggs and you have salad toppers, deviled eggs, and one of my favorites-egg salad sandwiches.


For one egg, I added a little yellow mustard, about 1 1/2 T of mayonnaise, and a teaspoon of relish.  I didn’t add salt because all of the ingredients added to the egg already contain plenty of salt for me.

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Parker House Rolls

Like many people, some family favorites get lost or just can’t quite be replicated by the next generation.  My grandmother Ava made the BEST Parker House rolls and since she passed, everyone in the family has tried their hand, multiple times, to recreate her rolls.  I have about 5 different recipes that are claimed to be HER recipe.  We’ve come awfully close.  Grandma was a fantastic cook and the sweetest woman ever.  Maybe part of the mystique is that her food came with lots of love behind it.


Here is a recipe written by my mother, in her Kentucky DAR Cookbook, for Grandma’s rolls.IMG_5124